My resolution for 2011 was to have one blog a week and maybe even two . Yesterday was my second blog for January, proving that this year I am going to  carry through on my resolutions. I had just managed the title, TODAY I FEEL AS THOUGH I AM 96, meaning ten years older than my birth certificate reads, when some mishap wiped away what I had written. Always expecting the worst when at the computer, I mistakenly thought the virus, which had plagued me for two days had snuck back into my computer. I wanted to take to my bed, bemoaning my incompetence. However, because I had a date with neighbor Martha, had to rise to the occasion of dinner and a movie. This morning the world seemed brighter, and I returned to my proper age of 86. I  discovered the computer’s problem without bothering my tutor Alden, giving myself the computer grade of C+ rather than F minus. Maybe there is still hope for me. Eons ago I reported in my blog that I was writing a book, my autobiography. After weeks of writing and rewriting pages of my life, in desperation I gave up the idea of a A BOOK  but instead would simplify to My Memoirs. Finally after completing the sixty-three page project, I had to admit what I have spent months agonizing over could only be called MY RAMBLINGS. A number of you, my faitful and loyal friends, requested a copy of my poor attempt at a book. I emailed copies but do not know if you received them but perhaps those who did, if any went through, would verify the mailing. More on My Ramblings in the next blog