My blog is in my head but have difficulty communicating blog to computer. I have added resolution #2 to my New Year’s pledge: getting a computer manual from the library/bookstore, studying a chapter a day, and then will have no more difficulty blogging. If problems persist, I will search for an intelligent looking fourth grade student to help solve the problem. This is my new plan! The reason that blogging is important to me in my new life here in Bishop is that I do not want to lose my friends that I left along the way from Tainan back to Bishop. Now the long range plan of writing my biography is completed or perhaps I should say I just put a period to the end of my ramblings and quit. Originally I was writing a book, as Ray Bradbury gave me the courage and encouragement for this project. After several weeks this goal evolved into just writing My Memoir. Sad to admit the following  realistic result, as what I ended up with was sixty-four pages of My Ramblings. I lay the blame on my not fulfilling the original goal on the computer, but my birth certificate is also a contribuating factor: 86 1/2 years of age gives one a late start in such a project. More on this issue in the next blog!