In the early seventies, I accompanied my husband Lou shopping to the local department store, a rare event as his dress was basic: tans for work and alternating a few shirts and suits for dress up occasions. This event took place at my urging. His boxer shorts were paper thin and I was sure would not survive another wash cycle. All went according to plam, the shorts in correct size were easily located but on further examination Lou dis covered that his favorite Hanes brand was made in China. He carried the shorts to the main desk, asking to speak to the owner and then indignantly demanding why he was carrying products made in China. The owner explained that Hanes sold out to China and were no longer produced in the US.  Lou in disbelief replied “I will not buy anything not made in the US.” The owner replied, “Good luck!”

On leaving the store without the shorts, Lou said, “Mary, this is the beginning of the end for this country. Our workers cannot compete against slave labor. ” Here we are forty years later with deserted, empty factories and thousands unemployed, Lou’s prophetic words in the process of coming to pass. The President is being accused of not creating jobs. My question is jobs doing what and where? How many dishwashers and gardeners are needed in a community? It does seem that those in Washington yell “Fire” after the barn is burnt to the ground.