Last fall the GOP campaigned  on the “creation of jobs”, a pie in the sky dream. In my last blog, I asked “What jobs and where?” The largest company in America, WalMart, practices the most ruthless method of business that has resulted not only in poorer quality of merchandise imported from China, but of holding suppliers hostage to its own agenda. The end result is closed factories and a collapsing job market. Where are our  blue collar citizens supposed to find work?It is reported that on any one evening a million Americans go to bed hungry. In America, the land of opportunity, many of our children go to bed hungry? My question to the members of Congress is who is minding the store? Put aside the bickering over small issues and do something for our living children.  Abortion Congress considers one of the biggest problems facing this country, or at least this was an issue that was given priority in one of its first sessions. Rather than dealing with fetuses in the abstract, my suggestion is perhaps give attention to those children already born and going to bed hungry.