Now that I have finished my rambling autobiography and have no TV, I spend my evenings reading. This is evident in the choice of topics of my last blogs: factories outsourced resulting in unemployment, thus a cut back on food for many of these families. Since I am on a roll in depressing myself at the bleak future facing the unemployed, I have been reading about overpopulation and what the consequences are to our quality of life. Visiting any big city, one experiences the long lines of cars, the traffic jams, the smog, all signs of a future that will only get worse. A possible solution is protecting our environment by reducing America’s wasteful consumption of natural resources. But people must get to work and this fact is a reality.

My evening reading sessions presented a more practical solution – population control, two children per family. The world’s population is almost 7 billion; China’s population is almost one and a half billion. One of every five people in the world lives in China. Chronic air and water pollution are great unsolvable problems. In an attempt to slow the unstoppable growth, the Chinese government passed the law that only one child be permitted per family, as the land in years to come will be unable to sustain uncontrolled growth. Then the powers of the Catholic Church came out with an edict against the Chinese government for the one child rule. Seems to me that those sitting in the Vatican should turn off their TV’s and read about what is going on in the world. What solution would they propose to this problem? I might add that Catholic Italy at present has the smallest average complete family size (1 1/3 children per couple) of any nation. Now I must get on with my reading.