Since President Obama’s tribute to teachers in  his inaugural address,  I have been  composing my thoughts on this topic. Believe it or not, the blog wrote itself and  also will be continued in my next one. My return to Bishop gave me my moment on stage as a teacher, as I felt like a star, a small one I admit,  a small star in a small town. This recognition on Main Street  is the result of working in the high school for so many years. Now in the senior phase of my life, I reap the benefit of years spent in the work I always enjoyed, teaching.

I loved my job from the first day that I stepped into my classroom in St. Louis, Missouri in 1944. Since then I have taught grades three to twelve in five states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, California, and a half year in Taiwan. But only now that I have returned to Bishop meeting “students” in administrative positions in the bank, the stores, the gas stations and view the end product, do I fully realize what teaching is all about. So many of my middle-aged “students” say “Mrs. Franke, do you remember when…” or “do you remember what you said when…?” When asked these questions, I hold my breath for what did I say back in the 70’s?  Is it repeatable now? So far what I said back in the  dark ages has passed scrutiny. However, on my first arrivingl back in Bishop, my first stop was to a restaurant where Lou and I used to have lunch. The first person to greet me was a student, now a waitress. She hugged me while exclaiming in a loud voice: “Oh! Mrs. Franke, do you remember when I came into your office and told you I was pregnant? And then you said … ” Of course, all diners in the vicinity were listening intently to what I HAD said, me included, and I was the closest to a heart attack as anyone could possibly be.”You said, it’s not the end of the world!” and I regained consciousness and the diners continued with their lunch.  Scarcely a day passes that I do not meet a former “student” reaffirming that I picked the best profession in the world – teaching. My next blog will be on THE STUDENTS.

Forgive me for not replying to your comments., as I did not know the procedure. I think I know how now maybe.